How to Clean Vertical Blinds Easily! Nice Tips!

The First Step in Washing Blinds

How to Wash Blinds

In some cases, it will be easiest to remove the blinds and wash them. If the curtain is flexible, like a cloth curtain, they can be removed and coated on the bucket. However, if they are stiff, caution needs to be used to prevent wrinkles, curvature or other damage.
Remove the curtain using the steps below. If necessary, mark the direction facing the curtain. Although it looks obvious, it's difficult to distinguish which side is in front. You might also want to enter it so you can put it back in the same order.

Spread the tarp outside the house or place the blinds in the bathtub, depending on the size and stiffness.
Wash the blades with warm water, soap and a soft cloth or sponge.
Rinse thoroughly with clean water.
Dry each slat with a soft towel.
Replace the blade and let it dry completely.
If you are worried about water spots, place the fan in front of the curtain to speed up the drying process

How to Wash Blinds of Blinds Affected by Fire or Smoke

If your curtain is at home burning, cooking smoky in the kitchen or smoker, this is how to get rid of foul smelling smoke and soot for plastic blinds. For fabric blinds, use the section above for Quick (Dry) Cleaning for Vertical Blinds. Rubber cleaning iron works well to remove soot and smoke residue.

You will need:

white vinegar
Spray bottle

Steps for How to Wash Curtain Fire or Smoke Blinds:

Mix the same part of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle or other container.
Spray the solution into the cloth.
Wrap a damp cloth around the top of one blind propeller and gently place the fabric on the propeller so that both sides are removed at once.
Repeat this process as much as needed to remove the smoke residue. When you move to a new propeller, you may need to rotate the cloth or get a clean cloth if there is a lot of smoke residue in the previous propeller.

After most of the smoke residue has been released, wash the curtains as described above in the Washing Vertical Blinds section.
Removing and Reinstalling Vertical Blinds
When cleaning, you might notice that one of the blades or blades is damaged and needs to be replaced. To remove the propeller for replacement or cleaning:

Open the curtain completely.
In turn, lift each propeller up and out of the handle on the stand or carrier.

Bend the propeller out to open the holder and bend it down to pull it out
For vinyl or aluminium propellers with a chain of spacers, remove the screw or clip that holds the end of the string, insert the chain out through the propeller that you removed and as much as possible to get to the damaged propeller.

For fabric propellers, remove the spacer-chain connector from one side of the weight of the propeller and pull heavily from his pocket at the bottom of the propeller.
Get a replacement propeller where you bought the blinds.
To install a propeller, orient it in the same way as other propellers. Hold the propeller near the top and push it gently into the stand, then lower it into place.

For vinyl or aluminium propellers, thread the chain through a hole in the replacement propeller and then through all the other propellers to the anchor-chain point. Be sure to keep the correct distance.
For the fabric propeller, reinsert the propeller weight (side of the clip up) into the propeller pocket and snap the chain spacer connector into it.

Clean the blinds every week with a quick vacuum for easy maintenance. This will also minimise the need for more thorough cleaning and cleaning.
When in doubt, contact the Nearest Interior Store to get additional cleaning advice. Vertical blinds can be an investment that is worth protecting and cleaning well. There are also professional services that will clean your screens for you.

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