7 Pimples On Face Causes

Seven pimples on face causes

Who likes when zits appear? Acne on the face can cause discomfort while disturbing appearance.

Acne can occur due to some daily habits without us knowing it. Knowing and avoiding the pattern is expected to make a pimple-free face.

7 Habits that Make Acne in the Face - lyricsmoon

Some habits that trigger acne include:

1. Wash your face too often

Dirty faces are often considered the cause of acne, but not necessarily. Washing your face too much can make your face lose its natural skin oil, encourage the skin to produce more oil. This will only trigger acne.

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Washing your face just twice. Use warm water and mild facial cleansing soap. Avoid using cloth washcloth when washing your face, use your fingers to help flatten the cleansing soap.

2. Squeeze pimples

This action will only cause further problems. Squeezing zits will suppress the pore blockage to the deeper part of the skin, causing acne scars. Squeezing zits will make the healing process last longer.

Use the acne medication directly on the location of the zit which will stop the zit until it will eventually shrink. Hands should be as minimal as possible touching a pimpled face because oil from the hands can clog pores which will only aggravate acne.

3. Using a dirty cellphone

Cellphones that have just been used are called to be exposed to oil and sweat. Especially if the pressure on the cheek then triggers breakouts. If the stool is not cleaned before reuse, it will return to the facial skin and bacteria that have developed. Don't be lazy about cleaning your cellphone screen. Alternatively, use earphones or other facilities that allow faces not to stick to the cell phone.

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4. Hair products that drip on the face

Keep hair oil, gel or other hair products from the forehead or other facial parts, because it can trigger acne. Because these products can clog the pores. Avoid hair products that contain lots of oil and wash your hair regularly.

5. Using excessive make-up

Don't use make-up excessively. Acne medications should be used before applying makeup, then cleansed before going to bed.

For acne prone skin, choose makeup with an oil-free label and do not cause blackheads (non-comedogenic). There are also types of composition that help hide pimples.

6. Consume too much sweet and processed food

Some types of food are thought to be related to zits, which are sweet and processed foods such as biscuits, cakes, bread and white pasta, and potato chips. Besides, food from dairy products is also thought to have the same effect on the risk of acne. Although, until now there is no known food for acne causes for sure.

7. Less pain in treating acne

The healing process of zits takes several weeks. Acne cannot be expected to disappear in just one day. If an over-the-counter drug for acne cannot resolve within 2-4 weeks, you should immediately contact a dermatologist for further treatment.

So you already know what habits can trigger acne? Let's avoid all that for a smooth and clean face that is covered.

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